Sartori Comunicazione & PR uses creativity to deliver tangible results.

We are a results-focussed consultancy that uses creativity to get the KPI delivered. Creativity is in our strategic thinking and in all daily activities: we are visionary, proactive, energetic, every day. At the same time, we regularly go the extra mile in our programme implementation to get outstanding results.

We work to reach branding and business objectives through tailored PR projects, designed with a strategic view and a creative approach. We reach a variety of audiences leveraging on the most appropriate set of communication tools, built around a unique, strong and shared idea.

With expertise in different sectors and a solid network of contacts Sartori Comunicazione & PR is the solution for those seeking sound advice and true commitment.


HEALTHCAREWellbeing and health
Wellbeing and healthcare are high in the public, media and political agenda. These are industries where science, current affairs and styles of life come together and where we successfully place our communication projects.
LIFESTYLENews trends and icons
We speak the lifestyle language and we apply the lifestyle perspective at the consumer industries we work with. New icons and emerging consumer trends are our everyday scene, where we seed and grow our clients’ brands.
INNOVATIONChanging the future
We work to launch disruptive technology and innovative ideas, that need to share and explain their philosophy and products to a different set of audiences and support them in building the big brands of tomorrow.

Sartori Comunicazione & PR comes from the idea Claudia Sartori, who spent almost 20 years in driving companies, brands and managers towards success with passion, inspiration and dedication.

Former experience in communication for public administration, financial bodies, retail, tourism and fashion brands secure a wide and multifaceted vision and approach in every communication project.