il mioSupereroe.it is a platform to book the services of qualified professionals who can carry out a variety of tasks, also helping in urgent matters: cleaners, baby sitters, caregivers, personal trainers, handyman and more to come are the new Superheros who can free valuable time, sort issues and are just one click away.

Sartori Comunicazione & PR is in charge to launch the start-up getting wide visibility in business and consumer media.

Strategy and actions

First step: gaining credibility and trust. Entrusting the loved ones to a professional never met before and booked (quickly) online requires a brand you can trust; that’s why we focussed on high quality online articles that can reassure consumers anytime during the booking process.

Second step: call to action through consumer media reviews that can trigger attention and push interest in trying the innovative service.

Third step: keep attention high with the launch of new services and integrating the key clients’ stories in the news desks agenda.


In few months we covered almost all the economic press (for instance: ilsole24ore.com), many innovation media (for instance: Corriere Innovazione) and a number of publication on consumer and lifestyle media: online (for instance: vanityfair.it), magazines, newswires, TV, national radio and local media where the services is running.