Even though pets are actual family members, with 15 million cats and dogs in Italian households, many pet-owners still can’t recognize their pet discomfort and stress: anxiety, fear, worry are often the reason behind behavioural issues. Ceva, with Adaptil and Feliway, natural products based on pheromones, offers an easy, natural and proven effective solution to bring back calm, happiness and good behaviour to dogs and cats. How bringing the pheromones-based products to public attention?

Strategy and actions
Bringing pheromones into public debate implies raising awareness on the pet stress issue, making pet-owners more informed. In order to do so the plan is to actively involve authoritative speakers, like veterinary behaviour specialists.
The education campaign on pet stress is implemented through a variety of initiatives, including enjoyable ones, and speaks a lifestyle language: a fresh way to face the issue but an important one the get the message across. In this context, we launched the app for a cat-friendly home, we communicated a partnership with a top brand for new-born babies and their relation with pets or a quiz to self-assess the knowledge and understanding of one’s own pet: thanks to wide media coverage and social media engagement we supported the marketing objectives.

With over 50 pieces of news in few months, including top TV features in national TV channels, we delivered a high ROI PR campaign. To find out more, click here to watch the TV features on TG5 L’Arca di Noè on a cat-friendly home and how to get prepared for a baby and pet living together.