B.Braun launches “Progetto IDeA”

28th June, 2016

B. Braun, one of the world’s leading providers of healthcare products and solutions, launched in Italy “Progetto IDeA” (Innovation, Development & Achievement), a new technical proposal designed to optimize the use of medical devices and drugs in any hospital therapeutic procedure, bringing an efficient and cost-saving solution to private and public hospital managers.
With the new Progetto IDeA, B. Braun offers a more efficient stock management system, applicable for instance to anaesthesia procedures, through the creation of virtual packages – called the “protocols” – that include all the necessary products for the proper procedure implementation. Each protocol has a standard price, according to the kind of operation, and the invoicing, set on a monthly basis, is based on the operations actually carried out.
Thanks to a dedicated software, the warehouse management and the new orders are computer-controlled so to optimize stocks and always have the necessary materials available. www.bbraun.com