July, 11th – The holiday season is upcoming, but many pet owners will not be able to travel with their dog for a variety of reasons. A possible alternative for them is to choose a trusted dog-sitter at DogBuddy, the largest European community of pet lovers that matches dog owners with dog-sitters. For the current 2017 summer, DogBuddy is partnering with Adaptil, the pheromones brand for the tranquility of dogs, to launch the “Welcome Pet” kit, a co-marketing initiative designed by Sartori Comunicazione & PR.


A number of dog-sitters throughout Italy to receive a free box with Adaptil diffuser to use for a special welcome of the host dog, in order to guarantee an extra cuddle and a smooth transition into the new house as well as in case of need, for example a thunderstorm or summer festival fireworks that – with strong and sudden noise – might frighten or even terrify the pets.


The DogBuddy sitters, on top of being dog lovers, are experienced sitters who know how to handle the greetings and separation from the owner. First of all the walk the dog through the house so to familiarize, they spread the dog’s belongings around the place so that he can immediately feel at home and play with him and take him out for a walk. After this initial stae, they offer water and food and make sure that he learns where all the resources for him are placed.



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