Introducing Watly, the super-computer that brings water through sun

June, 12th 2016



Watly is a 40 meter long cylindrical “super computer” covered with solar panels. The sun’s energy is transferred to a 140 kilowatt-hour battery, which in turn triggers a purification mechanism providing clean drinking water. Solar power is also used to provide reliable access to Wi-Fi. It is the first termo-dynamic computer that works with solar energy.
Marco A. Attisani is the Italian mastermind behind the innovative start-up Watly. Created in 2013, the CEO and his team of professionals are taking up the challenge of providing access to clean water, electricity and Wi-Fi to Africa’s local population and where it’s needed.

Watly has already been tested on site in Ghana and won several international awards and prizes, including European Pioneers and Premio Gaetano Marzotto in 2015. Watly will soon be part of the acceleration programme of ESA (European Space Agency).

Sartori Comunicazione & PR is in charge of launching Watly in Italy.