Watly, the first thermo-dynamic computer in the world that can purify contaminated water while supplying energy and connectivity through solar energy, will be presented for the first time at Maker Faire Roma, the biggest European event about innovation that will take place at Fiera di Roma 14th to 16th October.

Watly was born over three years ago from the intuition of Marco A. Attisani, the Italian founder and CEO. It uses solar energy to purify water from any source of contamination making it drinkable while at the same time supplying electricity and internet connection: for the first time these three fundamental resources for the development of life are unified in a single machine, making them available in places where these are hardly found. Watly is the fundamental pillar of the so called Energy_net which grasps the truly transformational potential of combining vital and basic resources into a self-supporting ecosystem. Energy_net refers to a solar powered smart-grid behaving like the Internet but where information technology fuses together with electricity and water. The Energy_net is the real IoT, that can be built where there is not Internet and where there are not things.

Watly, already patented and tested in Ghana, received many awards and public funding such as Horizon 2020, European Pioneer and Premio Gaetano Marzotto (2015); it also also made the final selection for the E.S.A. (European Space Agency) acceleration program with a special project focused on the development of an automatic navigation program for drones in Barcelona.

In Rome, Watly will be presented in simplified version but fully functioning and very much interactive. In over 300 square meter space, three elements will be set up for a total length of 25 meters: two thermal engines – which collect solar energy and make it work – and the 12 meters widescreen central interface, which will create a very powerful user experience.
The interface will interact with the visitors and will show videos about the company, its technology evolution, and informative video graphics, while thanks to special RFID bracelets visitors will be able to receive drinkable water from the machine, working exactly as in real life. Moreover, at Maker Faire it will be possible to live the “Watly Reality” for the first time: thanks the Oculus technology visitors (on a one by one basis) will be able to live an immersive 360° experience interacting with the machine in a spectacular context.
During the fair, the new exclusively designed W-tank will be presented. And then, gadgets for kids and grown-ups.

“We are extremely proud to be able to show the outcome of almost four years of work” said Marco A. Attisani. “In Rome we want to present a totally new machine that aims at changing the global scenario and be pioneer in a new industrial and social paradigm based on the energy_net concept”.

Watly debut at Maker Faire will also be the opportunity to announce the upcoming launch of the first Watly, that will be completed by the end of 2016. The final stages of construction, assembling and testing will happen in Bari, at the Primiceri SpA headquarter, the global industrial partner of Watly, with over 30 years of experience in planning and production for energy management and control systems. Once completed, Watly will permanently be exposed within the brand-new 15.000 meter/square pavilion made available at Primiceri premises to showcase the machine and its functions to institutions, companies investors and media.

Watly will be at Pav. 5, Attraction 5.A.6