Milan, February 20th 2017 – Thereson chose Sartori Comunicazione & PR to communicate the launch of Diapason, the first device that delivers their patented Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance TMR® technology.

Magnetic Therapeutic Resonance is the innovative and effective response for wound care, for healing a number of orthopaedics diseases and for pain therapy developed by Thereson, Italian biomedical company dedicated to innovation in healthcare.

Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance (TMR®) is a particular form of stimulation of biological tissues, by means of pulsed electromagnetic fields PEMF at low frequency and low intensity, based on a biophysical process which is validated in the literature.

Internationally patented TMR® technology allows for the safe exposure of patients to pulsed electromagnetic fields of specific forms and frequencies. These electromagnetic fields play a key role in a wide spectrum of the functions of biological tissue.

DIAPASON® is a system designed and created by THERESON for the patient to use even in the comfort of his or her own home, without the help of medical staff.
Use does not require medications or special preparation and the patient does not have to undress or to remove bandages.
All the controls are simplified to allow its use by anyone, regardless of whether or not he or she is familiar with the use of technological tools.
Data from therapies performed with DIAPASON® can be sent to the doctor, thus allowing the maintenance of an effective continuity of care between the healthcare professionals and patients at home.

Sartori Comunicazione & PR will communicate the new technology and device to professional audiences with an integrated communication plan that includes a wide variety of tools and projects to reach the company’s objectives.